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The Interpreter's Journal - Sarah Wheeler
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The Interpreter’s Journal is a place for you to learn about yourself and understand how everyday decisions can affect the outcomes in your life and work. Often, interpreters are dealing with irregular work hours, difficult ethical decisions, and feelings of isolation within their work. It can get easy to get lost in it all. In order to understand and appreciate the work we do, we need to reflect on and process the actions that take place. This journal targets the most seasoned interpreter as well as the interpreting student, guiding the writer through an interpreting process while allowing the writer the freedom to write freely and develop one’s own inner wisdom. Journaling is a tool that allows us to separate from the professional isolation that we all face. Your thoughts will connect, make sense, and begin to define the patterns of behaviors. Another key aspect of the journal is the inclusion of guided journal prompts specifically designed to incorporate the concept of deliberate practice, the Demand-Control Schema, as well as to promote decision-making skills. Each component of life relates to another, and once we begin to dig in to our inner self, we are able to connect it to other areas of our life. The writer of the journal needs to be committed to the process of purposeful writing and being honest with oneself; the rest will fall into place.
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Authored by: Sarah Wheeler

Sarah Wheeler has experienced the dangers of a sandstorm in Kuwait, a California earthquake, and skydiving from an airplane, and she never would have imagined that those adrenaline rushes would match what she feels daily when she goes to work as an interpreter. As a child of Deaf parents, she was assimilated to Deaf culture early on. But she continues to be humbled by how much there is to learn about American Sign language, Deaf culture, and the interpreting process. She is a nationally-certified interpreter with a license to interpret in North Carolina. Sarah Wheeler holds an bachelor’s degree in business management from Mt. Olive College. She also has a certificate in non-profit management from Duke Continuing Studies. While at Duke, she was invited to participate in Leadership Wayne County, where she developed an understanding of how different agencies collaborate together to provide social services. She decided to begin interpreting professionally and as she began working with the Deaf community her passion was ignited. Sarah Wheeler received her M.Ed. in Interpreter Pedagogy from Northeastern University in 2011. She seeks to share her wealth of knowledge and information, as well as learn from those who have so much experience in the field and culture.

Sarah is the author of the book "The Interpreter’s Journal" (Coming soon from Winkshop)

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