Idioms! "Do You See What I'm Saying?"

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Idioms Do you see what i
This DVD demonstrates how to break down idioms by using concepts in American Sign Language instead of transliterating them word for word in English. This DVD will provide ideas on analyzing English idioms and ways of conceptualizing them into ASL.

Idioms Covered

All Talk & No Action
All The Rage
At Wits End
Back and Forth
Back to Square One
Ball Is In Your Court
Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Beating Around The Bush
Bite Your Tongue
Bitten Off More Than You Can Chew
Dog Eat Dog World
Fight Tooth & Nail
Go For Broke
Grab The Bull By It's Horns
Haste Makes Waste
It Takes Two To Tango
Judge A Book By Its Cover

Let Bygones Be Bygones
On The Fence
On The Same Page
Out & About
Out Of Your Element
Practice Makes Perfect
Put My Foot In My Mouth
Put The Cart Before The Horse
Sink Or Swim
Slip of the Tongue
The Sky Is The Limit
To Be Swimming In Something
Turn Over A New Leaf
Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve
Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
Word of Mouth
Writing On The Wall
Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

Authored By: Wink

Wink, NIC Master, enjoys researching and creating various workshops that focus on skill building through deliberate practice (RID Views, Winter 2012). Presenting workshops the last five years at national conferences (NAD, Silent Weekend) regional conferences (RID I, II, III, IV), state conferences, and local workshops across the nation has given Wink experiences to enhance applications for interpreters of all levels. Wink is widely noted for the comfortable atmosphere he creates and the passion he exudes. Currently Wink travels full time performing, presenting workshops, and managing Winkshop, Inc, through which he has developed a dozen training DVDs. A fun fact: in 2012 alone, Wink’s professional travels covered enough miles to circle the Earth over three times.

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Idioms Do you See what i

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